Marcus brings to his work a rare combination of practical, results oriented thinking and deep psychological and spiritual understanding.  He makes complex ideas seem simple, and makes the esoteric practical.  His ability to impact people and change their lives is evident from the very first session you have with him.

Marcus is a counsellor and psychotherapist with over 20 years’ experience.  He holds an honours degree in psychology, as well as degrees in physics and exercise science. He holds diplomas in counselling and shamanic practice, multiple certifications in NLP and Hypnosis, and has trained in gestalt therapy, bioenergetics, and multiple approaches to counselling, including cognitive-behavioural therapy, solution-focused counselling and narrative therapy.  Marcus has also been initiated as a shaman.

"After years of yo-yoing with different psychologists I have never come across someone as intuitive, well-educated and totally non -text book. He connects and speaks in a way you can understand. He gives you hope. 10/10 would recommend - life guru right here!"      - B.D.

"To be given the opportunity and tools to utilise throughout my life for now and in my future, has been simply amazing.  Up until meeting Marcus not one counsellor or psychologist has given me the tools I needed to alter my life in a positive and succinct way.  Highly recommended without a doubt."  - E.R.

"My work with Marcus Ferguson as teacher and guide has been nothing short of transformative.  His skill as an initiated Shaman combined with his extensive knowledge of this and similar traditions have taken me to new worlds of experience and value that will forever remain.  Marcus's natural gifts as a teacher and mentor inspired the emergence of my own innate gifts and purpose.  Five stars!"    - T.M.

"I've never been happier.  Words will never be enough. You've helped me change my life completely - lessons I will never forget and lessons which I now use to teach others around me.  I hope one day to see you again and thank you in person - who knows by then I might be able to teach you a few things.  Thanks again Marcus I've finally found something to live for and it's because of your help."       - B.L.

"Marcus Ferguson of Heart Mind Spirit Therapies is a skilled therapist and teacher. He draws on a broad range of modalities to tailor make his approach to each individual and combines his extensive knowledge with integrity, compassion and humour to create a powerfully transformative experience for his clients. Speaking from personal experience I can highly recommend Marcus to all who are seeking healing and self-discovery. - L.A.