Life Coaching

Coaching has been defined as:

1. “A collaborative, solution focused, result-orientated and systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance, life experience, self-directed learning and personal growth of the recipient”.

2. “A powerful alliance designed to forward and enhance a life-long process of human learning, effectiveness and fulfilment”.

3. “The process of enabling individuals to make conscious decisions and empowering them to become leaders in their own lives”.

Every person has the right to a life which feels meaningful. Each of us has the right to live in a way which fulfills us on a personal level.  To have a life in which we can begin each day with the enthusiasm which comes from knowing that we are dedicating our day to the things we choose, that we are succeeding and moving forward on a path that we have chosen.

We all have dreams.  Many of us have forgotten our dreams, have put them aside due to the pressures of life.  Many of us carry them still and are waiting the time to dust them off and step forward.  Many of us are already pursuing them but feeling stuck or overwhelmed.  And some of us are already dedicating large chunks of our time to pursuing them.

Coaching is a process where a facilitator (the coach) works alongside the client to turn dreams into a vision, break the vision down to goals, and empower the client to achieve these goals.  The accumulative effect of the achievement of truly meaningful goals is transformative to one's life, one's self esteem, and one's wellbeing.

This may sound selfish to some.  Yet I have found over the years that few people's true visions are selfish.  People who have a sense of life purpose are almost always trying to make a positive difference in the world.

I begin each day by reminding myself of the following: What I do today must be important - because I am trading a day of my life for it.  Each morning, I connect with my vision, and plan what I will do.  Each evening, I finish my day with gratitude as I reflect on what I achieved and experienced.  And each day, I make sure that I am doing this in a way that is enjoyable and sustainable.  It is not about how much you can get done - it is about consistent movement forward.

In my own life, now in my 50th year (as I write this), while building and running a successful business, I have recently earned my fourth university degree. I have three diploma level qualifications and numerous certifications.  I have black-belt level qualifications in two martial arts.  I apprenticed and then was initiated as a Shaman.  I have conducted major ceremonies including recommitment and funeral ceremonies.  I have run seminars and work as a trainer and teacher.  I have taken my body to a high level of fitness and 10% body fat.  And I live in a deeply committed and loving relationship.

I have done this without burnout, and without sacrificing my intimate relationships, or missing out on fun.  And with no doubt that I am following the path of my heart - I am living my own life.

If you would like to take your life to a new level or get unstuck from a plateau - maybe it is worth getting in touch with me to see how I can help!