Trauma and Emotional Release - the Wisdom of the Body

Sometimes the most effective way to release and resolve emotional and personal issues isn't through 'talk-based' therapy, but by working directly with the body.  This is true because emotional reactions and psychological traumas also have a physical (psychosomatic) component.  Old, unresolved feelings and behavioural habits can become locked into our muscular patterns, our postures, the pattern of our breath and the way we move our body.  These techniques can be highly effective remedies for the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety.

Traditions based on these patterns seem to be as old as man and thus are reflected in the Shamanic healing traditions of many cultures.  In recent times, Western research into the body/mind connection has shown the benefits of these methods, and several therapy traditions have been developed, such as Holotropic Breathwork, Bioenergetic Therapy and Somatic Trauma Release.

Marcus has trained and been initiated as a Shaman and has also trained in several Western body-oriented therapeutic methods.  Drawing on both ancient and modern traditions, we offer the following body and breath-based healing approaches for men.

Somatic Release Work

Drawing on breathwork, bioenergetics, and Shamanic bodywork, somatic release work uses movement, breath and sound to bring old emotions, traumas and habits to the surface and through awareness and expression allows them to be resolved and released.  This can effectively clear patterns we have been carrying since birth, or since childhood, and can also be helpful for people with Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms.

Shamanic Breathwork

Inspired by the work of Stan Grof and shaped by traditions of Shamanic journeying, Shamanic Breathwork uses breath, trance and music to take the mind into an altered state in which powerful healing experiences tend to occur.  Insights into our personal history, and symbolic and archetypal visionary experiences lead to shifts in our relationship with ourselves and our world.  Profound and sometimes life changing experiences often occur in these sessions.